Motorola DS3500-ER

The Motorola DS3500-ER series delivers long-range scanning up to 30 ft/9.14m away, providing optimal performance in warehouse environments, distribution centres, manufacturing plants, outdoor lumber yards, pipelines and big box warehouse retail stores where the sheer scale of day-to-day operations require versatile scanning capabilities. From variations in different types of barcodes and scanning distances, the DS3500-ER series of full range scanners let you work quickly and efficiently with one rugged device. Capable of scanning long distances, workers can scan any barcode in the environment, eliminating the need to purchase multiple devices and increasing productivity at every point of the operation.

In addition to its outstanding range and diverse barcode scanning capabilities, the DS3500-ER series benefits from the same technologies that make Motorola the world leader in barcode technology. This robust scanner easily reads barcodes under multiple layers of shrink wrap quickly and effectively.

To further enhance productivity, workers can hold the trigger down for continuous scanning – in any light level. Data can also be easily formatted for easy integration into existing systems without expensive software modifications.