Motorola CS1504

Motorola’s General Purpose Barcode Scanner

Anyone can use this pocket-sized scanner to read barcodes found on merchandise or in catalogues from virtually anywhere. Small and lightweight enough to fit in a pocket or purse, customers can use this scanner at home, in the store, or on-the-go. It makes routine tasks, such as reordering groceries or office supplies, quicker and easier than ever before. It’s ideal for list-making and gift-registry applications and can be a great incentive for your preferred customers.

With the CS1504, customers simply point and click. Any barcoded item is quickly and easily scanned and captured. Up to 150 codes can be stored in the internal memory and removed by the user at any time. Captured barcodes are easily uploaded to a host application via cable connection. Plus, the CS 1504 also acts as a tethered scanner when attached to a host system.


  • Fits onto a key chain, easily carried in pocket or purse 
  • Easy and intuitive to use – just Point, Click and Scan! 
  • Each barcode is time/date stamped 
  • Retains scanned data even when batteries are removed or lose power