Intermec CN4

With integrated 3.5G wireless technology, the fully rugged and feature-rich Intermec CN4 Series mobile computers enable enterprises operating in the most demanding environments to leverage the benefits of high bandwidth data collection and communication to achieve gains in worker productivity, improvements and expansion in their service offering, and reductions in overhead.

With integrated 3.5G WWAN technology, the fully rugged Intermec CN4 further extends the CN3 wireless feature sets and enables enterprises to leverage the benefits of high bandwidth WWAN data collection and communications to achieve even greater gains in worker productivity, and in-field service offerings.


  • 3.5G wireless technology supports simultaneous voice and data tasks improving worker productivity
  • Fully rugged device and accessories perform despite bumps, knocks, dust and dirt (IP64 seal rating and 1.8m drop spec)
  • An extension to the successful CN3 Series
  • Enhanced Mobile Document Imaging captures full-page documents in field without the use of extra devices or services
  • Integrated GPS enables unprecedented visibility into workers’ routes
  • Industry standard platform ensures devices will integrate quickly and easily
  • Medallion Complete service provides protection against unbudgeted and rising repair costs