Honeywell Stratos 2400

Honeywell’s Stratos 2400 premium five-sided, in-counter barcode scanner / scale increases productivity in demanding, high-volume seated and small checkout environments. The Stratos 2400 in-counter scanner offers pre-aligned optical-scanning modules and independent scanning planes which promote easy set up, lower maintenance costs and ensure continuous operation.


  • StratosSYNC– independent scanning planes: Maintains productivity and uptime via independent scanning planes 
  • StratosSWAP – pre-aligned optical scanning modules: Minimises downtime and lowers the cost of service via modular optical scan engines 
  • StratosSTATS – productivity analytical software: Provides data critical to maintaining checkout productivity 
  • StratosSCHOOL – operator training software: Improves productivity and promotes safer scanning techniques 
  • Remote MasterMind – Scanner Management Software:Offers a quick and convenient solution for IT administrators seeking to manage all scanners within their network from a single remote location