Honeywell QuantumE 3480 – OEM

The 3480 is an omnidirectional laser scan engine that integrates with a variety of devices including interactive kiosks, price lookup systems, ATMs, bill payment, reverse vending machines and controlled access. Its high scanning rate, effective scan pattern and proven reliability make it an ideal solution for self-service applications where most users are untrained.


  • Automatic scanning operation: Simply present a barcode and the unit scans in a single pass
  • Programmable depth of field: Customise the scan field for small POS areas eliminating inadvertent scans
  • Single-line mode: Facilitates scanning of items with multiple barcodes, including menus
  • Sweet spot mode: Provides the user feedback on how well the unit is scanning a barcode in the scan zone
  • Flash ROM: Using the MetroSet2® utility, the scanner’s firmware can be upgraded using a personal computer