Honeywell 4820i

The Honeywell 4820i offers the performance and durability of a corded industrial scanner, but it gives your workers the ability to roam up to 33 feet from the cradle. The Honeywell 4820i is ideal for installations that require a lot of scanning with an omni-directional scanner. The 4820i also allows you to capture images – of documents or materials, to incorporate them into your database. It was designed for rough use, and withstands up to 50 2m drops to concrete. To protect it from moisture and dust in harsh conditions, it conforms to IP54 standards (certified). But for all its durability, the Honeywell 4820i is still light, comfortable and easy to use.


  • User Feedback Designed for Extreme Environments
  • High Performance and Versatile Data Collection
  • Tool-Free Battery Access
  • Simplified Device Confi guration Through Advanced Software Assets
  • Leading Combination of Ergonomics and Durability
  • Presentation Scanning Capability
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth v1.2 radio
  • User Feedback Designed for Extreme Environments