EnvisionTEC P4 Mini XL

The P4 Mini XL 3D printer is a low cost, easy maintenance and user-friendly 3D printer for the manufacturing of jewelry and other high-detail items.  Using state-of-the-art Direct Light Projection technology from Texas Instruments, the P4 Mini produces the finest detail in the shortest period of time.  It creates 3D models that range from the conceptual to the fully functional with a larger build envelope than the original P4 Mini.

This machine is very economical as the material that is used is vat free and it is available with or without the enhanced resolution module. The fact that it has very few moving parts and the changeover between the materials is quick and easy makes it very user friendly.

Material Compatibility:

  • EC500 – 3D printing for the jewelry manufacturing market;
  • EC3000 – Easily cast any injection wax pattern;
  • EPIC – For direct investment casting of products for the jewelry market;
  • HTM140 – High temperature molding material for non-metal masters;
  • PIC100, PIC100G – Direct investment casting for the Jewelry market;
  • Photosilver – Highly detailed parts with crisp features;
  • QView – Fast design verification models;
  • R5 – Robust, accurate, and functional parts;
  • RC31 – For building tough and stiff parts;
  • RC70 – For high resolution tough & stiff parts;
  • RC90 – For very high resolution tough & stiff parts;
  • WIC100G – For the casting of model made on the Perfactory market.


  • Jewellery