EnvisionTEC P4 DDPM

The Perfactory 4 Digital Dental Printer (P4 DDP M) 3D printer is a low cost, easy to maintain, and user-friendly 3D Rapid Manufacturing Systems for the digital dental laboratory. Using state of the art Direct Light Projection (DLP®) from Texas Instruments®, the P4 DDP M produces the finest detail in the shortest amount of time.

The machine is compatible with 3 SHape, Dental Wings and 3M Lave scanners and design software. It is capable of printing models, quads, partials, copings, crowns and long-term temporaries. The built in ethernet interface allows DDP4 systems to connect directly to a PC workstation or to be integrated into a network and any STL file from an impression scanner or an Intra Oral Scanner can be printed.

Compatible Materials:

  • Clear Guide – Clear implant placement guides;
  • E-Guard – Transparent, for accurate bite and night guards;
  • E-Partial – For building partial dentures where some flex is required;
  • E-Denstone – Highly accurate models with removable dies.


  • Dental