AIR print apply label applicator 380 mm ø label reel holder with motorized pre-unwinder mechanically expanding rewinder mandrel 4 solenoid valves with a capacity of 800 litres/minute each, featuring independent blowing and suction functions. For real time applications, suction is cut off with no labels present on the plate independent control unit, can be positioned at the point of easiest access for the operator (up to three metres distance from the print apply). Quick coupler connectors also allow for easy and quick replacement soft-touch keypad and LCD backlit display (two lines of 24 characters each) advanced electronic functions, including: – operating settings modifiable from the display and with the machine in operation – “delay” of application adjustable from the controller – absolute progressive counter – resettable progressive counter with machine stop function – “product fi lter” function – low label reel and t.t. ribbon electronic control with prealarm – management of a 3-light buzzer signaller – encoder management; for maximum labelling precision at variable speed (with AIR JET function) – graphic operator interface viewable on PLUS control unit – labeller operating information also available if used with OVERVIEW – upgradable firmware through a serial interface.