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Durabook R8300 13.3 Rugged Notebook

Designed for extreme environments and 'combat-ready', 13" Fully-Rugged Notebook- R8300 can operate from land to sea, from scorching deserts to freezing terrains, and from stealth mission to the heart of combat zone.

Durabook SA14-HD 14 Rugged Notebook

The Durabook SA14 is a 14" semi-rugged laptop designed for professionals in the military, field service, transportation, public safety and utilities sectors. SA14 sets up a new definition for semi-rugged laptops by passing a 3 feet free-drop test and IP rating protection. It provides exceptional com

Durabook U12CI 12.1 Rugged Transformer

With Intel 3rd generation Core i5-3337U dual-core Ivy Bridge Processor, U12Ci offers breakthrough performance and increase power efficiency with longer battery life.

Getac B300

Feature-rich rugged notebook for any demanding environment The B300 is a hard-as-nails road warrior designed to be productive and worry-free mobile computing, and it is fully customizable.

Getac S400

Uncompromised Performance to Boost Work Efficiency

Getac V100 Rugged Notebook

Superior convertible notebook with cutting edge glove-friendly multi-touch and sunlight readability.The Getac V100 Fully Rugged Notebook transforms with one quick rotation to a Rugged Tablet PC. Designed with the real-world in mind, the V100 is equipped with multi-touch solution for professions with

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Diamond Glass was established in 2001 as a manufacturer of high quality Sealed Double Glazed Units.

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Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals produces specialty pharmaceutical products including generic drugs and imaging agents.

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