Manufacturing Solutions

Floor SolutionsFloor Solutions

Combine wireless local area network (WLAN) enabled handheld computers, barcode and radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies with applications from market-leading automation partners to streamline your manufacturing processes. 

By creating a more seamless flow of continuous accurate documentation on machine conditions and materials you’ll experience fewer errors and improve products.

Improve operations with mobile applications for HMI, SCADA, WIP and labour tracking, and eKanBan.

Mobile Human-Machine Interface

HMI systems have always provided a window into key process and machine operation, but today, a Mobile HMI solution allows you to put vital system information in the hands of operators, supervisors and technicians. Your work force is no longer tied to stationary systems and can interface with your automation system, entering and accessing data right at the point of activity, increasing productivity and your ability to react to changing conditions in your plant anywhere, anytime.

Work in Process Tracking

Tracking materials from receipt through production or assembly processes, and ultimately to finished goods, requires a tremendous amount of labour and paperwork. Yet, knowing where in-process materials and orders are is critical to plant efficiency. Using mobile computers or advanced data collection devices, manufacturers can more accurately track the flow of materials through the plant in real-time. Materials and orders are more easily located and your workers can focus on their assigned tasks rather than on searching for missing or misplaced orders.

Labour Tracking

Without a practical way to track labour hours per task, many manufacturers rely on standard cost estimates or manual tracking processes that can mask true profitability or even have a negative impact on labour productivity. A mobile labour management system allows you to capture and track “true” labour costs at the point of activity, enabling more accurate and competitive pricing as well as a better labour utilization. 


Paper-based KanBan systems can only go so far in leaning out your operations. Take KanBans to the next level with a mobile device that enables a real-time “signal” to the material handler. This mobile system eliminates the delays associated with paper-based requests, centrally located call buttons and even enables optimized replenishment routes — all helping to keep the line up and running efficiently.

Features and Benefits

  • Streamline your process
  • Automate your KANBAN process, allowing employees to signal for replenishment without stopping workflow.
  • Allow material-handlers to find and deliver required parts more quickly.
  • Reduce line-side inventory with replenishment based on up-to-the-minute data.
  • Identify and validate parts used, and ensure the correct sequencing and completion of manufacturing steps.
  • Achieve total inventory visibility and synchronized manufacturing processes.
  • Monitor plant usage, line sequencing, throughput and machine performance to find and fix potential problems before they negatively impact schedules.


Field Service Solutions for ManufacturingField service solutions

Enable your service organisation to provide faster response times, increase the number of service calls, reduce travel costs and eliminate paperwork. Use a combination of enterprise digital assistants and mobile computers from Motorola and software from our partners to empower workers with the tools they need to: work faster; track and bill all labour, parts and materials used; meet contractual obligations; and up-sell customers during service calls.

Sales Force Automation

Make your sales force far more productive outside the office with solutions that include our enterprise digital assistants, mobile computers, wireless LANs and cellular connectivity and productivity-enhancing applications from our partners. Now they can input orders on the spot while improving accuracy and reducing order processing times from weeks to minutes. At the same time, your salespeople can provide better customer service, earn the trust and loyalty of customers, retain more customers, encourage repeat business and promote merchandising efforts on site.

DSD/Route Accounting

Optimize the sales and direct store delivery function to achieve peak efficiency for greater profitability and cash flow. Whether performing the pre-sales  and merchandising function or full-service route management, arming personnel with a handheld mobile computer and a mobile printer enables the real-time visibility and connectivity required to generate/track and process orders and returns, update customer account information, generate invoices on-the-spot and capture critical information for traceability requirements.

The benefits of field mobility ripple across the enterprise delivering new levels of efficiency in inventory, warehouse and production management:

Features and Benefits

  • Increased field technician/sales/driver productivity
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Higher sales and stronger customer relationships
  • Better sales forecast accuracy
  • Improved inventory management, from the warehouse to the customer
  • Reduced cash-to-cash cycle with real-time invoicing